10 Reasons to Love Linen

10 Reasons to Love Linen
Last evening, we gave a talk in Chicago about linen, and specifically, how we think it is the best fabric for bedding. We use this fabric in our products not just because it is the most beautiful, it is also the best for you. Since we have choice in what to use and what to buy, we think its time to go all in on linen. Here is why:

Quality linen is scarce and is a true luxury

Linen grows in temperate climates that aren’t too hot and receive lots of natural rainfall, like Central and Northern Europe. If not, then the flax plant is weaker and produces a linen that will break down more easily. When buying linen, always know where it was grown. The good stuff will last longer, get softer, and having a more distinctive drape and hand.

Linen is eco-friendly

It uses mostly natural rainfall to grow, whereas cotton often requires agricultural watering. Also linen can be in the same plots, cotton farmers must change-up their plots to allow the soil regenerate. The resources saved by farming linen can make a big difference in land and water resources.

Linen fabric lasts longer than cotton

So when this hardy flax plant gets woven, it produces a very strong fabric that is over 2-3X stronger than cotton. The hardiness of the flax gives linen its distinctive drape and lovely hand. But the best part is that the linen itself will last longer.

Purchasing linen over time is economical

Being more durable and lasting longer really means that you won’t need to replace your home textiles often. Buy less home linens over time, making it a more economical choice over time. Think of linen as a long game that will pay you over time.            

Linen reduces textile waste

Did you know that textile waste is the second largest polluter of the earth after the coal industry? It’s a huge issue and it’s not getting better. The issue is accelerating as more people buy fast fashion and home decor, only to replace their purchases the very next season. Using linen will help change the  mindset toward purchasing and using textiles for longevity.

Linen keeps you warm in the winter

Linen's open weave keeps air flowing, but did you know that linen also insulates in the winter? Linen’s denser and hollow fibers keeps in the heat.  In any season, linen’s fiber absorbs perspiration and wicks away moisture naturally while wool and cotton tend to trap moisture.

Linen helps with allergies

For those with allergies, Linen has unique filtering properties that greatly reduce the number of allergens and germs that can find their way into your bedsheets, so it’s just a bit cleaner. It's also a naturally anti-static fabric, which means it repels dirt and stays cleaner longer than other materials.

Linen is good to your skin

Linen is sold overall with fewer surface treatments -- like with fire retardant, stain resistance, color-fast, or wrinkle resistance -- than other fabrics. These cause sensitivities, rashes, and allergies. Fabrics that are treated finishes do get absorbed into the skin.

Linen bedding is perfect for pets

If there is anyone here that has dogs on or near the bed, then linen is the choice. Medium weight linen is tough enough to withstand tough nails and rolls, and since it wicks away dirt and moisture, it will still look good when your pets comes to visit.

Linen is easy to take care of

Linen is wash and wear. Treat linen just like any other bedding. Toss in the washing machine, we suggest washing on cool or medium water and dry cool or medium. Very hot water or drying temperatures will break down any fiber, so if you can keep the temperatures on the cooler side. Ironing is not required but if you like a smoother look then ironing will help. You can also hang it on the line.

Give linen a try. Lean into linen's uniqueness and embrace it, even for just a few weeks. We think it will be well worth it. 

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