Meet the Maker

Hello there, I am Allison and I am so glad to share my story with you. I was introduced to textiles and beautiful living by my mother, an interior designer and procurer of lovely beautiful things. I grew up eating with sterling silver on special occasions, linen napkins, and flowers. She was a wonderful cook. We lived on the coast in California, so nature was intertwined with our daily life. These small details filled daily life with abundance. I went to art school and became a painter in my first career but turned to textile product design after the purchase of a mid-century modern glass house. The home’s open plan, simple forms, and connections with nature were the catalyst for the formation of the new studio, Modernplum. Our products and philosophy are a result of all these things -- midcentury modernism, respect for nature, a love of home textiles, and California cool. I hope that you will love our products and that they fill your life with abundance too.