Our fabrics are sourced from Northern Europe. This region is known for its hot summers and dry climate which makes perfect conditions for growing linen's flax fiber. The flax plant is grown with fewer pesticides and less water than other natural fibers and is minimally processed. All our products are pure linen.
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Anna Cream - Modernplum
Anna Cream
Anna Oatmeal - Modernplum
Anna Oatmeal
Anna White - Modernplum
Anna White
Baltic Chocolate - Modernplum
Baltic Navy - Modernplum
Baltic Navy
Breton Ticking Charcoal - Modernplum
Breton Ticking Navy - Modernplum
Breton Ticking Powder - Modernplum
Breton Ticking Tan
Breton Ticking Tangerine - Modernplum
Jean Blue Yarn-Dyed - Modernplum
Jean Puddle Yarn-Dyed
Jensen Bark - Modernplum
Jensen Bark
Jensen Blueberry - Modernplum
Jensen Jade Moss - Modernplum
Jensen Mint - Modernplum
Jensen Mint
Jensen Oatmeal - Modernplum
Jensen Plum - Modernplum
Jensen Plum
Jensen Pomme - Modernplum
Jensen Pomme
Jensen Sage - Modernplum
Jensen Sage
Jensen Skye - Modernplum
Jensen Skye
Julia Stripe - Modernplum
Julia Stripe
Larson Taupe - Modernplum
Larson Taupe
Madrid Brown - Modernplum
Madrid Brown

51 results

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