our approach

linens that think-small

Beyond our linens' design ethos, we stand for American production, the value of artisan craft, and in thinking-small. All these values are reflected in how we make our products, and definitely why.


We create linens that honor the natural world. Nature's hues, fluidity, organic lines, and tactility make their way into our products through the use of natural materials and sustainable production. Modernplum is a choice that is mindful of resources used, waste made, and the value of artisan sewing versus assembly line production. Our line invites you to reconnect with the simple, and pleasurable acts of daily living. 

natural materials

Linen fabric is used for most of our products but we also work with wool and organic cotton. Linen is made from the flax plant which is farmed using less water and soil resources than cotton. It is also free of harsh pesticides that can transfer to your skin. Linen is more durable than cotton which means linen just lasts longer. Linen is an investment that over time will require fewer linen purchases and will ultimately slow textile waste pile-up. Linen gives piece of mind that the choice you make in purchasing is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

local and ethical

Modernplum products are made locally in Chicago. We think making local makes a better product relative to manufactured abroad. Using local sewing talent ensures that production in nearby, so quality checks are frequent. It is also an investment in our local economy. We are a made-to-order studio which means that Modernplum products are artisan crafted from start to finish, rather than coming from an assembly-line. Craftsmanship is managed and built right into our process. It also dramatically reduces our transportation costs and overall carbon footprint to sew locally.

multi-purpose design

Our products are purposefully made to serve many functions, and to mix and match with one another through our coordinated color palettes. Multi-purpose design is simplified design, in which a single pillow could be used in many rooms, or a linen throw is conceived to become a table cloth. This way of thinking sees the utilitarian aspect of items, and simplifies your linen closet. Simplifying choices is a form of sustainability as it inherently reduces excess material waste and overall production of goods.

recycling and reuse

We are a zero waste studio, in that, we either keep or use all of our remnants whenever possible. When a fabric comes off the cutting room floor, our policy is to collect and keep. Sometime fabrics are used in smaller items sewing like napkins, and sometimes its used in our one-of-a-king items. This process keeps fabric on the roll longer and contributes to the reduction of textile waste.

Packaging is minimal. We tie and label all our larger products, but big cardboard packaging not only obscures the beauty of the linen, but becomes another item to throw away.  For shipping, we use recycled cardboard boxes whenever possible.