How to Style a Modern Bed

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How to have a modern bedding style is a question we get asked a lot. Having a modern bedding style is really about the paring down of extra pillows and extra decoration in the bedding itself, so that your arrangement is simple, user friendly, and showcases things like fabric quality and colors used or small details like hand-stitching or edging. When deciding which style to choose, we suggest you consider your home's interior in general, and then gear bedding toward that. Are your interiors pared down, keep tidy, and prefer fewer higher quality things? Then perhaps Modern Simple is your preference. If you are a little looser in your choices, then Modern Layered might work best. 

Modern Simple

Modern Simple is a restrained bedding arrangement and is characterized by a less is more approach with a tighter fit of bedding on the bed frame. Formal beds usually opt for a lighter covering like a bed spread or coverlet as these pieces can be form fitted to a mattress easier than a duvet cover. With this in mind, the key to a modern formal bed is hospital corners which allows the bedding to be formed to the frame.

To get this look, follow these simple steps:

1. Lay the sheet on the mattress and tuck it in at the foot of the bed. 2. Grab the corner of the sheet still sticking out and pull it up so that it sits on top of the mattress (we’ll call this the triangle). 3. Tuck in the remainder of the sheet corner that you didn’t pull up. 4. Tuck in the triangle. 5. Repeat at the other corner. 

Now you will have bedding that skims across the bed evenly. This allows the fabric to be displayed with intention and care. For pillows, keep things simple also. We suggest 2-4 pillowcases or shams to complete the look. You can also add an optional accent pillow. Keep in mind your colors and how the different elements combine together in your selections. As you can see from the photo above, the interest in this arrangement is the use of yellow in our Studio Pillowcases and Oline Coverlet both in Citron. The Navy layer is our Oline Coverlet in Blueberry. We have keep the styling simple.


Modern Layered

This look is definitely more relaxed than the formal technique yet still pared down.  A modern relaxed bedding arrangement is little more welcoming, relaxed and laid back.

To get this look, follow these tips:

1. Start with a duvet covers or coverlet and lay on top of your sheeting. You can tuck these into your mattress for bed frame (like above), or leave untucked 2. Add a throw blanket as a top layer for interest and color. This can be folded or draped over the end of the bed 3. For pillows, we recommend you start with two shams, and then build the arrangement moving forward with standard shams or pillowcases, and topping off with accent pillows. Adding more pillows contributed to the interest as an arrangement as a whole, as well as comfort. We think 1-3 accent pillows is a good number. As with Modern Simple, each element will add a little color and material to the arrangement, so keep a close watch on how these are interacting with one another and in the arrangement as a whole.

Either method will make a comfortable nest for you. We would love to see your plum style. Please tag us on IG @modernplum_linen.


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