Vintage Cotton Monogram Napkins - Set of 6


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The lovely aspect to these napkins is the white monogram "BWB". This creates a slightly formal napkin that will enhance any nice dining occasion. Cotton is lightweight and soft and feels good in hand. These napkins are perfect for a nice lunch, brunch or casual dinner event. While we believe these are napkins, these could also be used as special hand towels. They have an unusual size of 12" x 24" when opened flat, so hand towels come to mind. For either application, they are really stunning. We have two sets of these napkins/towels.

If you would like to view or request a swatch, please head over to our Fabrics page. Swatches will be mailed USPS within 3 business days. 

This product is made from 100% Linen. We have hand selected premium linen for its healing and hypo-allergenic properties, its sustainable farming processes and its durability. 

To care for our linen items, machine wash and dry or spot clean. Iron for a formal look, or linen can be washed and used without ironing for a casual organic look. It is entirely personal preference.