Why Linen Flax?

Premium natural fibers 

We make our products with premium new and vintage natural linen and wool fibers as they offer clear benefits to your health and the environment. Living with premium natural fibers strengthens connections to nature and the environment, simple practicality things, and unsurpassed beauty. 

Modernplum sews primarily with flax fibers farmed from Northern Europe that are nourished by the sun, the humidity, and rain during its summer growing season. Importing our linen from Europe is important as this region's climate offers flax linen the best conditions for harvesting strong and resilient fibers. It requires far less water, pesticides, fertilizers and processing chemicals than other fibers, natural or synthetic. It is also naturally resistant to pests.

Another benefit to living with premium linen is its health benefits. Flax is naturally stain resistant, hypoallergenic, cooling, and super durable. Flax fiber is strong and durable and since it’s porous, dyes stay put. We believe that premium textiles are an investment that creates lasting memories over time. 

Vintage natural fabrics

We use premium vintage fabrics into some items in our one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. This method of working is a response to the amount of textile waste that goes to the land fill each year. We source premium remnants and vintage finds, giving them a second life. This is a way of giving back to the environment and using premium fabrics that simply are not available new. It's a win-win, we think.