Visual Arts Coaching and Consulting

Allison is a high impact coach that helps creatives advance in Visual Arts education and career advancement.

Building on her 20 years as an educator and recruiter in the visual arts and her role as founder and creative director at Modernplum, Allison is uniquely situated to help young creatives working the areas of Fine Art, and Applied Art and Design. Allison's coaching and consulting packages can:

1. Help develop a strong and cohesive portfolio

2. Develop a specific artistic skill

3. Develop ideas and gain consistency in visually expressing them  

4. Write effective creative statements 

5.Move from a singular studio practice to selling commercially

6.Navigate the transitions between student life and professional practice

7. Develop mindset, confidence, and consistency in your creative work

and more!

Becoming a professional working artist or designer is possible with the right blend of training, talent, drive, and strategy.

Mentoring and coaching from Allison Warren can help you get there.

We shape and sharpen students’ creative portfolios, written statements, and creative strategies for acceptance into Post-Baucalareate, Undergraduate and Graduate College Admittance, AP Portfolios in High School, and Post-Graduate Career Development and Studio Formation.

Our services are individualized depending on the specific goals of each person. Allison Warren is a coach and mentor, offering guidance stemming from years of creative academic and industry experience.



Fabrication and production

This is the last step. We practice a combination of small-scale factory production (100 pieces) in our American-based factories in Chicago.

During sewing, we manage the process with facility visits and one to one interactions with our sewers. Both these production methods ensure that our focus is on accountability, community, and quality. We like to think that these steps infuse the final product with the soul of a maker which is subtle but makes all difference.