Vintage Lunch Napkins - Set of 2


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Light yellow background with intricate stitch flowers make a beautiful pair of napkins. Perfect for a nice lunch, brunch or casual dinner event. While we believe these are napkins first, these could also be used as special hand towels. They have an unusual size of 9" x 18" when opened flat and the fabric seems to be absorbent, so finger towels come to mind. For either application, they are really stunning. 

If you would like to view or request a swatch, please head over to our Fabrics page. Swatches will be mailed USPS within 3 business days. 

This product is made from 100% Linen. We have hand selected premium linen for its healing and hypo-allergenic properties, its sustainable farming processes and its durability. 

To care for our linen items, machine wash and dry or spot clean. Iron for a formal look, or linen can be washed and used without ironing for a casual organic look. It is entirely personal preference.