Dear Friends, 

It's been a few unsettling days and I wanted to check in. 
We are living through uncertainty with COVID-19, and there is much to think about. There is family, children, elderly parents, friends, and neighbors to support, and I am asking myself, maybe like you are,  "what is the best that I can offer?" And then my thoughts move toward the Home, and how it might just be that best thing. We should all  embrace Home right now.
Home provides a respite from all that is happening outside. Not that the virus isn’t still around, but at least Home is a place you can clean, you can say who comes in, you can make smell nice, bake cookies, bake some bread, iron, arrange some flowers and watch long movies with those you care about. Home is a safe place.

Home is also that place to find comfort, in a way that says “You are all right.”
Everything is OK at Home. It’s OK to take the day off to watch TV, it’s OK to wear your PJ’s for lunchtime, it’s OK to eat a brownie for breakfast, it’s just fine to do whatever you want, because it is your place.
Home contains thousands of items which was a decision to live with. The quality, comfort, and pleasure that your home affords is sum of those choices. From what linens you put on the bed right down the kind of toilet paper you use, everything matters. In daily life, it is easy to forget that each little thing makes up the whole.
In the next couple of weeks, as we move through this global uncertainty, embrace Home for what it has always been – a place of stillness in a spinning world. 

Take care of yourself and others,