It's the heat of summer, and keeping cool at night can be a challenge sometimes. Air conditioning, if you have it, is an obvious choice. But there are other ways to beat the heat that are all-natural, electricity-free and simple. Here are five tips that will help keep you comfortable and rested come morning.

Tip 1. Simplify your bedding 

With so much going on, changing the bedding might be the last on your list. It is so worth it to do a little pruning of covers and blankets. We suggest taking out your duvet insert and using the cover as a simple coverlet. Or, store your duvet and opt in for a lightweight linen blanket or coverlet, like the Oline Coverlet, shown above.  These are simple changes that allows you to keep your decor intact. 

Tip 2. Sleep with linen 

Linen is extremely breathable and self-cooling in heat thanks to its high moisture absorbency, soaking up 20% of its weight before feeling damp. Due to breaks in the fabric, linen stimulates blood flow and induces relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the cooler you will be.

Tip 3. Drink water 

Waking up in the middle of the night thirsty doesn’t help keep you cool. The body is 70% water as we all know, and without water consumption our bodies begin to overheat. Studies show that room temperature water is better than ice cold water in terms of the amount of energy your body uses to heat the cold water and the body fat that cold water solidifies, making it harder to digest.

Tip 4. Open the window

Opening a window will allow air to circulate within and outside of your bedroom. You can do this even with air conditioning. If you're getting hot at night, it is better to let heat out than let it sit in one place. Also, there is something very soothing and relaxing about fresh air even if it is a warmer evening.

Tip 5. Breath better 

If the heat (along with the stress of everyday life) is making it hard to fall asleep, try breathing techniques. Focusing on your breath distracts you from thoughts on the heat and helps you relax. We suggest deep breathing where you focus on taking slow and deep breaths. This will create a sense of peace and stillness within yourself that aids in falling asleep.