My first experience with a wider table runner came while living in Finland, and the concept has stuck ever since. I can remember how effortlessly chic the table looked during afternoon coffee and the dinner hour with a simple rag woven runner which covered most of the table top, but not the sides. This is so smart and practical for so many reasons. By making the runner wider, dishes, plates, glasses and linens have a substantial area of fabric to lay on, rather than the half on and half off arrangement that sometimes happens with purely decorative, thin runners. Wider runner also show off a table in a subtle way by keeping the sides and a bit of the table top visible. For those that relish in our woods and other table surfaces, this is a a great pleasure. From a purely practical view, runners are so much easier to clean and store than table cloths. I often think about the wisdom on design that was garnered by living in Finland, a country that lives for beauty but also practicality. The wide runner hits that cord, I think. For this post, we styled the table with the Runyon wide runner in Jade, Sage, and Plum which can be viewed on the site by following this link.