All the linens in the house have a practical purpose. Fine linens made from the best fabrics and made with high craft, aren't just beautiful, they are also essential to daily living, practical and functional. Of all the different linens one can have, there is one that is by far the most practical in our line. It's the Jensen throw. There are many throws around, and probably every home has one or two. Throws are wonderful for curling up to read or as a light blanket at the foot of the bed. Most throws are made for ultimate softness from alpaca, cotton, or cashmere, but not much else. The MPL Jensen Throw does all these but due to its fabric, which is a butter soft but a little thicker durable linen, it can serve other important functions. 

1. Table Covering

The Jensen throw is that ideal weight to make a flexible table covering to be used for a meal or for decorative purposes. The heavier weight drapes the table distinctively and substantially, and the saturated colors will frame your tablewares beautifully. Since this is a throw, it might not be sized exactly for your table but that's part of the appeal. It's a quick covering, perhaps showing some of the table, that gets the job done with easy grace. 

2. Picnic Cloth

We have found that the size and weight of Jensen is ideal as an outdoor picnic cloth. The durability and density of the fabric holds up well to an outdoor meal, either on the ground or picnic table. When we unfurl Jensen, it lands confidently on the ground and provides great protection from weeds, brambles, and whatever else is on the ground. I also appreciate that linen is naturally bug repellent. This fabric is machine wash and dry, so when you get home just pop in the wash, and it will be good to go for next time.

3. Sofa Cover

We did a collaboration with instagram influencer Emily from Gilded Hearth out in LA, and she used the Jensen Throw as a sofa cover. Her white couch needed protection, and this was just the thing to  "give a perfect splash of color while protecting the sofa." This approach is flexible too, so next week or next season, you can make a change easily. 

4. Dog Bed Cover

As with the sofa cover, this fabric goes the distance on a dog bed. This is a stylish solution for keeping your dog's area clean and free of odor and dirt, and whatever your pet can bring home. The colors of the Jensen are also decor friendly, which beat all those browns and blacks that tend to flood the pet decor selections. Linen is also naturally stain and odor resistant and is durable enough to resist sharper nails that come from daily use.