This is the Finn Juhl house that is situated in Denmark within a day's drive of Copenhagen. It belonged to Finn Juhl (1912-1989) who was trained as an architect but made his living and his notoriety making furniture. Juhl's furniture is still being produced and this home is open to the public as a museum. More information on Juhl can be found here. There is also a book from 2014 called Finn Juhl and his Home which would make great bedside reading.

In his lifetime, he only designed and built a few homes, this being one. This home is not large, nor fancy, nor really very comfortable in a big, easy chair kind of way. It has a small kitchen. But what it lacks in comfort and space, it has in spades something important: the presence of Mr. Juhl himself. Now as a furniture maker, it makes sense that many of the furnishings are his creations. Tables and chairs are abundant. Their sinuous components, bent and turned in real elegance that depicts these pieces as carefully made and considered, and an extension of the spirit of Juhl. When designing, he took measurements of his own body to make proportions in his work. Looking around the home, I can get to know the maker. There are also many books which form another unique portrait of the likes, dislikes, and various interests of the their owner. What is not here are a lot of extras that tend to go with having a home and the inevitable desire to fill it up: souvenirs, magazines, extra accessories, and the like. There aren't a lot of textiles and pillows around either, because maybe these things weren't important to him. It's just the good essentials according to Mr. Juhl. That's the great thing about having a home--you get to make all the decisions.

How beautiful and freeing and calming to just say no to the urge to fill one's home with unessential things. No to the latest trend and no to what's in style, also no to the color of the year (if you don't love it). That's a huge load off which frees up more valuable head space for other things. There is more time, energy and dollars to enjoy your life in other ways. That is our philosophy here at Plum, and one that we consider each time a new design or product is introduced. In Denmark, this approach toward home is ingrained in the culture. There are many take aways in living well from Scandinavia, this being a really big one, I think.