There has been a lot of discussion in the press and otherwise lately about the challenges and victories for achieving equity in daily living. Progress forward is being made in so many areas. But one sector we don't hear much about is design. There is reporting on the latest colors, styles, and latest design projects but with one story missing. And that's is the story on how interiors and specifically bedding is keeping up with the move toward a more unisex or gender-neutral preference. This new aesthetic, we believe, provides a new vision for bedding and home textiles. This new aesthetic is inclusive and simplified. Straight lines, geometric shapes, proportioned color and neutrals ensure a restrained look, but one also filled with great variation and complexity. While very beautiful, ruffles, flowers, swirls, and dots in pastels pinks, peaches, blues and yellow colors are designs with a narrower demographic focus and they seem a little dated from this perspective. At Modernplum, we've been designed this way since day one. Making modern, timeless and inclusive goods is what we do. See our bedding collections here.