bare feet and linen vines on apartment
I read a wonderful book this week called Rethink by Amanda Talbot and the ever creative publisher Chronicle Books. The book is all about rethinking how we live in the face of concerns like climate change, terrorism, and technology. The book suggests that modern life at home is not about overly decorated and precious things. It is about freedom from these obligatory things and the opening up of new possibilities for creating a home that is very intimate, personal, meaningful, and sensual. Appealing to the senses in the things we live with and buy is a core idea. Living with plants, pets, organic materials, things picked from nature, flowers and the handmade speaks to the senses. Comfort and connection are supremely important. It comes from engaging not the mind but the heart, and heart is stirred by these humble elements. We come from nature - we are nature - so the things we keep around ought to be a part of that heritage. What happens outside is out of our control, but what we do and live with inside the home is on us. What an opportunity to make a healing part of the home. For extra reading on the sensual house, I was also inspired by the Rue blog's article on Echoview Fiber Mill and House. Now that's a beautiful way to live.