It must be a springtime thing, but I've been considering the idea of paring down my interiors and living only with essentials lately. Living with just essentials makes great sense since its a way of simplifying choices, streamlining, and living with less. Daily life is complex and this gives the day some order and space. Everyone thinks differently about what essentials are exactly. But for me, an essential item is something that is needed, functional, and durable. Also it must be versatile and multi-purpose. It should last a very long time with a design that is timeless and enduring. Good essentials don't need a second thought or need replacement very often which frees up head space for other things. Some of my favorite good essentials are basic white hand soap, flour sack dishtowels, and chapstick. I also like my Plum pillowcases and Anna duvet. For these and others, we sew linen material which is natural, strong and soft, and it has a history as old as the bible. Linen's connection to human history makes me feel connected to something that is intangible but very real. Living with linen is grounding in a way that other fabrics are not, I think.

Anna bedding is our most foundational collection which includes sheeting, duvets, pillowcases, and shams. Each piece is cut and sewn individually and made to order by us in Chicago. White, cream or natural oatmeal are neutrals that look fresh and modern by themselves or provide a base where colored or textured blankets and pillows can be added. The design is minimal with simple purl edging around all raw edges. Really, the design is to let the glorious purity of the linen shine. Anna duvets are finished with minimal knife edging and a zipper. We have found that the zipper looks neater than buttons and does not distract from the minimalism of the line. Anna is one of our first bedding designs that is totally compatible  with other items in our line. However the Anna pieces are used, they are just really good essentials. Anna has been in our line since the start, and I can't see it ever going away. The items pictured above are from left to right: Anna pillowcase, duvet, and shams.

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