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Happy 2021 everyone. I am hoping for many things this year, but one is to live better by paring down and living with less stuff. At least that's the goal. It is hard to make that happen regularly, admittedly, with the parade of activity and responsibilities that marks the days events. But as the days roll by, there are three habits that I'd like to share that make it easier to create ease and calm everyday. It doesn't require a large investment, just a certain frame of mind.

1. Buy less, but better.  Buying less but better means buying for longevity. Products that last are those made from premium materials, are often artisan or small-batch produced, and with a focus on utility. Living with products like this means you don't have to replace, rebuy and generally participate in the treadmill of consumerism. Think about the head space, time, and stress that would simply vanish. What would you do with all that free time? What would you do with all the money you were saving over time? How nice it would be to have a cleaner, less cluttered home. All these would result from this mindset of buying less, but buying better. 

2. Live with what you love. This is really an extension of the first. With a mindset to buy less, but better, there is a beautiful window that opens up. An opportunity presents itself to buy what you love, no matter what. If you buy less, then what you buy means more. I often hear people say that a home is a collection of memories, stories, and experiences reflected in the products and objects in the space. And the space is so meaningful because of this. Living with what you love gives you a rich, connected, and beautiful home.

3. Clean as you go. My home is in a high rise in downtown Chicago that is 1,500 sf. We are a family of four. As you can imagine, space is at a premium. Over the years, the clean as you go strategy has saved our bacon in keeping things fairly organized and clutter free. This approach says handle and process the mail when it arrives. Re-cycle magazines and newspapers as soon as they are read. Do the dishes right after dinner. Sweep daily. Things like that, so the home while not perfectly clean, feels dealt with and cared for. For us, that really takes a load off. 

Do you have any tricks for living with less? I would love to know. In the meantime, enjoy your coveted time at home. 

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