How to Order Custom Bedding

How to Order Custom Bedding - Modernplum

Now might be a great time to order custom bedding. From wanting to match the decor in your bedroom, to fitting an extra large or thick mattress, a custom option is a highly personalized solution that is also a lot of fun. But making something custom is new territory for many, so we wrote this article to guide your through the steps needed. At Modernplum, we will walk you through these steps during the ordering and production process.


This step is usually what we start with in bedding. The colors for your bedding can come from anywhere. We have seen carpet samples, wallpaper samples, a favorite color or favorite pillow. You just need an idea and a direction, and then we can guide the discussion.


When you have a color direction, we can look at the hues available in our linen and cotton collections, and begin to narrow down your colors. We will provide swatches of these fabrics, so you can see them in your space and consider them at home. 


Usually, we begin to talk about the pieces of bedding you would like to make, if you would like to use more than one color, and if you'll mix and match styles or stick to just one. During this phase, we will make a drawing of the pieces you are considering, so they are better visualized. 

Step 4. MEASURE.

Next comes a very important step. Measure, measure, measure. You can do this or if you are local to us, we will come to your home and measure your mattress. Having proper dimensions is key, and one of the great benefits of making custom bedding. 

Step 5. SPECIFY.

We will talk your measurements and specify the exact dimensions of the finished products in a scope of services document. 

Step 6. WAIT.

Once our estimate is approved, we will get sewing! Your finished bedding will arrive in a beautiful box within 6-7 weeks. 

If you have a project in mind, contact us using our contact form or you can order the service on our custom page. We can't wait to get started!

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