Five Ways to Use a Headboard Cushion

Five Ways to Use a Headboard Cushion

In recent years, headboard cushions have become an option for anytime your want a little bit of portable comfort. Having one or two of these around the house is an excellent way to instantly create a place to relax. A headboard cushion is a bigger pillow 26" x 37" which makes it so much more comfortable than traditional euro shams 26" x 26" or standard or king pillows, or the typical toss pillow at 22" x 22".  Its size is also the reason many don't immediately know how or where to use it. So here is our list of top five ways (and places) you can indulge in a headboard cushion:

1. as a Headboard

Like the title suggests, this big guy can be used in place of a headboard in bed, or a super duper reading or lounge pillow. This is the ultimate bed pillow. The extra length allows you to truly sink into the cavity with extra room on either side. This gives you back and side support. Trust us, you may find yourself lounging in bed all day long.

2. in the TV Room

The headboard cushion is also good on the sofa or floor, especially when settling in for a long movie or favorite TV show. Again, its size creates an instant comfortable place to relax anywhere in the room. One trick we use is to have one or two parked next to the coach on the floor, so they are ready to go but out of the way. Portable comfy.

3. use it Outside

Since this pillow travels, we use it anywhere and everywhere, even outside. It goes on a deck, on a chaise lounge chair, or inside a tent. Since our covers are made in heavier weight Runyon fabric, this cushion can withstand heavier use from an outdoor activity. 

4. as a Dog Bed

Some clients use as a dog bed. It's size can accommodate a small-medium size dog, and they seem to like the 90/10 goose down filling insert. Modernplum offers this pillow as cover only, so you can wash and change the outer layer often, if needed. Our medium or heavy weight linen fabric can withstand pet nails and general wear and tear of animals.

5. in the Playroom

This pillow is great in a playroom because it is so versatile and kids enjoy interacting with it. You can plop it on the floor or sofa, or inside a playhouse. They are easily stacked when no in use. Since it is pliable and moveable it is easy to interact with - so much more fun than a stiff chair or beanbag! With all the cover options and fabrics, you can get a pillow that coordinates with the decor. 

We hope that this article has sparked some ideas about how you can incorporate a couple of these big all-purpose cushions into your daily life. They really are a little secret sauce in creating a comfortable environment. To see Modernplum's collection of Headboard Pillows, click here.

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