Five Home Stores to Discover Now

Five Home Stores to Discover Now - Modernplum

Over the past five years, I have found myself in stores across America, in every nook and cranny of the country, meeting with shop owners and soaking up the merchandise at each stop. There is no short of choices in the home goods area. Every town has at least one emporium for home soft goods, and that’s not to mention the big box stores with their big crates of merchandise all stacked up. Inspirational shopping asks that we dig a little deeper than these uniform stores in every town USA, and seek those special items, spaces, and store owners that make the whole experience come alive.

Below, are five favorite stores (that are also online) out of so many wonderful options. This list is only a handful and definitely not the de-facto list.  What these stores have in common though is a clear point of view that guides everything about the store. The space, the lighting, the displays, go hand in hand with the lovely merchandise, which feels special and unique, and full of life. Full disclosure, some of these stores stock Modernplum, but not all. The stores listed here are located all over, but each has an online presence that could assist with a purchase quiet easily.

Stella Tribeca / NY

Stella is a dream, and being located in Tribeca Manhattan on a small street, it almost feels like walking into someone’s home that is just packed with linens and every other thing you could need from the house. I appreciate Stella’s eye for bringing in items that you can’t get other places and the personal service that is second to none.

Martin Patrick Three / MNN

Martin Patrick located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis packs a big punch in the neighborhood. The store is large but manages to stay personal and unique. As you wander through curated spaces, you encounter things that range from French antiques to perfumed soap. Everything is familiar but just slightly off kilter at once. There is also an interior design studio here.

 Blue Springs Home / CA

A long-time stock list of Modernplum, BSH is a wonderland of linen which is merchandised to be mixed and matched. Gone is formal packaging of linen that doesn’t want to be touched. Linens are displayed by color and type, not brand, which invites a lovely creative impulse toward arranging, playing and just enjoying textiles. The store is packed to the gills with bedding, vintage and one or a kind pillows, art, and furniture. Shop owner Susan originally hails from Alabama, and there is a southern charm and sense of hospitality that exudes from every crack.

The Nicolson Gallery / GA

This isn’t so much a store, but a smorgasbord of mostly European antiques beautifully arranged in eclectic groupings. The owner, Martha, has been buying antiques and housewares in Europe for years, and her connections are deep. Go here is you are looking for one-of-a-kind items, which she often purchases in collections or sets. Care to see any entire wall of platters? A farm table to sits 18.  Another stocklist of Modernplum, this store carries linens that complement the antiques which are both modern but still have an old-world charm.

 Nickey Kehoe / CA

This store is an original – and the soulful, slightly bohemian, slightly modern aesthetic shines through. It goes a little deeper with items have a history or at least a story to tell. This shop is not a sweet store - it’s clearly an urban shop with an edge, but also relaxed. This is a beautiful destination for all things home.

The home goods industry is big, and the choices we have are overwhelming. Add that with Amazon, and the great joy in seeing, feeling, and interacting with beautiful, special things has been almost purged from our daily life. So maybe 2021 is the year to embrace the beauty, embrace the discovery, and the hunt for that one or few special items. And to support small business.

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