Breur's Hooper House, Baltimore, Maryland

This little gem is the Hooper House which we are loving right now. The Hooper House sits near Baltimore and was built for art-lover and patron Edith Hooper in 1959 by architect Marcel Breuer, a German architect known for his Bauhaus influence and modernist homes. It's a little modern masterpiece, and very much a Modernplum home. What's to love about it? The overall form of the home is a square with courtyard in the middle which orients the view inward through floor to ceiling windows. On the exterior and some internal walls, Breuer used multi-colored flag stones in those great fall colors: sage, moss and a darker shade to blur the interior and exterior spaces, and to blend beautifully into the landscape. Looking at the home's exterior, it looks at home in its location, like nature itself was the architect. This is very much design by an artist-designer who noticed the details in the landscape, like the color and shape of rocks and stones, the low vertical land formation, and the humble site, and built a house to match. We see that inside and outside. Modermplum comes from this place as well. Respecting nature in all that we do from the inspiration behind the design, to the naturally farmed linen fabric, to the sustainable production processes we employ. 

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