Our Picks: 6 February winter-busters

Our Picks: 6 February winter-busters - Modernplum

Since it's February, there is extra reason to stay-at-home. Not only do we have COVID to think about, but cold, wind, rain, and lack of sun. February is a time for self-care at home. So to beat the winter blues, here are our favorite things.

1. MP Large Lavender Sachets: Call these aromatherapy for your soul. These aren't just the run of the mill sachets that you can pick up at the dollar store, they are linen pillows 6" x 6" filled to the brim with French lavender buds. Under the pillow, sock drawer, bedside, purse or luggage. Put these any place you feel like the therapeutic and calming influence of essential smells. https://www.modernplumhome.com

2. Extra Rich Hand Lotion: Dry hands and feet can be an issue this time of year, so having an extra thick cream is essential for self-care. It's good any time, but it is most indulgent at night. Slather on the cream before bed and wake up to noticeably happier skin. www.burtsbees.com

3. Mountain Travel: If you are staying-at-home instead of venturing out, let the world come to you. We like www.earthspacecircle.blogspot.com, a blog and site about the earth, the stars, and land formations, like Banff National Park. The images will take you to another place, which feels freeing, inspiring, and needed, especially now.

4. British Cotton Pajamas: Good PJ's has become a quest. There are many out there, but few that make lounging truly stylish and are made from breathable, skin friendly natural fabrics. Here is an article on that very subject from our friends at Wallpaper. https://www.wallpaper.com/fashion/best-stylish-pyjamas

5. J. Crew Cashmere Socks: Nothing else matters if your feet are cold. Cashmere on your feet is truly a sublime experience, which makes lounging or venturing a little blissful. J. Crew does cashmere really well, for a pretty good price point. www.jcrew.com

6. Wayne Thiebaud Oil Paintings: Some say that master oils are the king of Art, and I agree. Oil painting can be rich, visceral, and descriptive, with a unique ability to convey the artist's spirit in the brushstrokes. They are good anytime, but for winter our pick are cake and pastry paintings by Wayne Thiebaud. So good, you could almost eat them. https://www.crockerart.org/oculus/where-in-the-world-is-wayne-thiebaud

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