Style your Summer Sheets

Style your Summer Sheets
Are you looking for ways to sleep cool this summer? Regardless of the hotter climate, the right bedding supports good sleep. So here are five ways your sheets and pillows supports great sleep. You don’t have to do them all at once to feel the benefits, but all these together will keep your bed fresh and ready for a restful sleep all summer long.


Keep sheets fresh

You wash your clothes often. The same is true with bedding. When we sleep, there is a natural release of skin cells, residue, and perspiration onto sheets. The cumulative affects create an environment that isn’t ideal for rest. We recommend changing your sheets once a week.

Also knowing that the bedding is tended and the bed neat, is in itself comforting. We recommend changing sheets at least 1x per week, especially during the warmer months.


Sleep in linen (or other 100% natural fibers)

All natural fibers like linen, cotton and bamboo are good choices for summer sheets. All three are very soft and breathe beautifully which is the key to comfortable sleep. When sheets breathe, they automatically adjust to environmental conditions, keeping thermal heat while allowing airflow.

Of these choices, linen does this the best. For more information on linen thermal qualities, you can refer to this article. Linen is woven a bit looser than cotton or bamboo so airflow is more pronounced. Of all natural fibers, linen is also the most absorbent and naturally hypoallergenic. The skin just does better overall with linen.


Alternate your duvet inserts

If you would like to sleep with your duvet cover year round, remember to rotate your inserts seasonally keeping the heaviest weight insert in winter, and moving to a very lightweight insert or removing it during the summer depending on your climate. When a duvet cover has no insert, then it acts like a coverlet or bedspread. At Modernplum, we consider the duvet cover as a year-round item that can be perfectly tailored to fit the seasons.


Have at least one linen lounge cushion or body pillow

A great big cushion like a deluxe sham or body pillow is like the cherry on top. These larger pillows are nice for arranging and making the bed look good during the day, but their real purpose comes at bedtime to climb on in, and relax before sleep. Body pillows are also useful at night when you are needing something to support your body during sleep. Lounging with these and doing some quiet reading is great preparation for sleeping.


Keep and use several quality sheeting sets per bed

Rotating your bedding keeps it fresh and interesting. Use high-quality and natural fiber bedding and remember to rotate often. Becoming a collector of linens is a great joy. Pick out different colors, textures and weights that correspond to changing temps, and your preferences. It’s a real pleasure to sleeping in your favorite set.

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