The Secret All-Natural Air Freshener

The Secret All-Natural  Air Freshener - Modernplum
A few large lavender sachets and more specifically, lavender aromatherapy, is the natural alternative to artificial air fresheners which will make your home smell wonderful. They are a little known secret to keeping your home smelling sweet and feeling calm. Things like muddy boots, damp cloths and bags, musty drawers, and over-heated spaces during the winter months tend to keep your home from being fresh and odor free. Rather than freshen the air artificially, you can get the same result or better by using natural lavender buds.


We aren't talking about using traditional sachets to do the trick here. Lavender sachets of yesteryear, wrapped in a lace and tiny, are great for putting inside a tiny purse or sock drawers, but to combat bigger things and bigger areas, you'll need a more concentrated and larger version. Modernplum's Sophie Lavender Sachet was designed to be a modern, more potent version of the traditional sachet. We have made it a 6" x 6" pillow made of premium linen, like our cushions. It is large enough to sweeten the air in a closet, inside of shoes, the pocket of a coat, by the bedside, or in the bathroom. We have one customer who puts them inside her masks at the end of the day, so they smell lovely in the next day. 


Another nice aspect to using lavender buds instead of chemical-based smells, is that lavender is 100% natural, and the buds will last at least one year, so the buds just need to be crunched up once month to re-release the lavender aroma. This far exceeds the life expectancy of spray air fresheners. You'll save money too. Each season, we make a new batch using fabrics in season so you can keep your home smelling great and in-style. Be prepared to fall in love and your home to smell lovely.

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